Yoga Privates

Personalized Yoga & Integrative Wellness Session

Stacy or one of her certified teachers bring the YogaNamastacy dynamic and inspirational teaching style to you or your group in your home, office or at her home Yoga Sanctuary in Rancho Santa Fe. In these private classes, personal attention and instruction is catered to meet your needs. Each session is designed for your specific goals and how you can accomplish them. Having the convenience of your own personal Yoga Teacher will keep you on course for a lean, strong body and a calm, focused mind.

Private instruction lessons are from 30 to 60 minutes depending on each student’s needs. Sessions can be via Zoom or in person at Stacy’s indoor or outdoor yoga space.

A student new to yoga will begin with learning how to breathe properly, the fundamentals of yoga and some slow, simple postures to prepare the body and mind for deep relaxation.

Intermediate and advanced students will receive outstanding results by having a qualified teacher answer their questions and concerns while assisting you in advancing your practice to a deeper level. Under the guidance of an experienced, educated professional you can feel secure in exploring and challenging yourself in a safe environment.

Private Retreats

Take your Body and Mind to a whole new level with a private retreat. Bring your family or friends together to a location of your choice for up to a week or book A Day of Namaste© at Stacy’s Villa in Rancho Santa Fe, California. You’ll leave with a powerful body and peaceful mind with rituals in place to make it last.

The private retreat is designed specifically for your group and easy to arrange. Typically, the morning yoga session is an active class designed to challenge and energize you. The afternoon session is a restorative, meditative, deeply relaxing class.

The Mental Diet Program can be arranged to fit into your time frame and can be designed for an hour each day or evening or as a full day seminar.

Superfood, Plant-powered meals can be arranged or you can chose meals on your own.

How do I book my sessions?

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Contact to discuss your needs and arrange dates.


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