DIY Home Retreat Pt. 3 – Soul

Namaste yogis,
Part 3 of my DIY Home Yoga Retreat Series ​​​​​​​is all about getting to the core of it… We’ll be exploring how to soothe your soul with movement, meditation, and purposeful creation.
Before we get started, I’d like to honor that the Soul can mean different things to different people- and that each understanding of this concept should be recognized as valid, as it represents a very personal and intimate relationship to Self. My interpretation of Soul is the Deepest Self. It’s the place within us that is pure, quiet, luminous and innately in touch with Source. Soul is the place in which we dwell when we are peaceful, at ease, and guided by Love. Soul is the glue that holds communities together, and keeps us self aware and anchored in challenging times. Soul is the ultimate You- the perfect original, untarnished by grief, by jealously, by ill-will, by hatred, by greed. Soul is the all-good feeling of being perfectly present.
​​​​​​​Today’s retreat schedule will offer many suggestions for feeding yourself with Soul Food. From positive thoughts, to peaceful practice, this is an opportunity to treat everything you do as nutrition for your deepest self. This DIY Retreat will be somewhat of a combination of Parts 1 and 2- and will take what you’ve learned  to deeper level. If you’ve followed the program up to now, notice your improvements- notice how your intention can guide the same exercises in a different way- notice how you can continually deepen your practice. The beauty of the Yoga practice is that we are never truly done with our work.​​​​​​​ 
Whether you follow the program exactly, or just use this information as a guide to create your own path to successful health, I hope you find this newsletter both useful and inspiring.
Because each of our needs are a little different, the following schedule will be structured around the phases of your day, rather than by an exact time-table. Do your best to wake up early and take the entire day to nurture yourself- as if you were at a secluded resort with nowhere else to be. If any of the following recommendations do not suit you, then kindly skip over them, and do what you need. Remember this is YOUR time to relax, rejuvenate, revitalize and heal your soul.
I look forward to hearing about your DIY Retreat experience. Send me an email at or post on your social media account and tag @yoganamastacy. When you share, you are helping to create and promote a community centered around health and wellbeing.
Happy Retreating!!