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  • LEVEL: For those experienced with Sun Salutations
    The Ultimate Yoga Body 2 DVD Set includes:

    • Stacy McCarthy’s Power Yoga Workout
    • Yoga Body Fat Burning Workout
  • DVD LEVEL: For those experienced in Sun Salutations

    Stacy has designed a series that will invigorate your system and dissolve unwanted pounds. The Fat Burning Series uses sun salutations linked with standing postures, seated postures, including twist,core strength,back bends and finishing poses.

    This is a dynamic intermediate workout for those who have mastered the sun salutations and basic standing postures of yoga.

  • Yoga Body Hip Opening Flow DVD’s are SOLD OUT!!! They will not be updated in the shop- but you can find the Digital Download HERE!

    DVD LEVEL: For those experienced in Sun Salutations

    Yoga Body Hip Opening Flow is a challenging, progressive series of yoga poses, one flowing into the next in a fluid, cardio style that works the entire body while emphasizing the hips.

    The series is based on standing postures and leg exercises created for all levels familiar with Sun Salutations. Options are given for beginner to more experienced students. It has an emphasis on postures that deepen your backbend, open your shoulders and release the hips.

    DVDs SOLD OUT: Get the Digital Download HERE!

  • DVD LEVEL: For those experienced in Sun Salutations

    Power Yoga Live is for the experienced yoga lover who wants the energy of being in a live class setting. There is equal emphasis placed on strength, stamina and flexibility. This is a strong Ashtanga based workout for those who want to sweat.


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