Feel like you need a breakthrough in moving your yoga practice or life to the next level?
Awakening your core is the key to untapped strength, unlocking your hips & inversions.
We can so easily be knocked off balance by reaching outside ourselves to fulfill the needs of others. In our yoga practice, strengthening our core connects us with balance, stamina, strength, energy & power within – yet we get off our mat and begin grasping for balance by managing our time or juggling priorities. Reconnect with your core & flourish in your yoga practice & in life.
The Core Essentials Workshop is designed to:
* Ignite the Power in Your Core
* Move Beyond Limitations
* Find True Balance from within
* Align with what works for you
* Command Your Energy & presence
* Cultivate the benefits of Yoga with Core Life Practices
This workshop is lead by myself & Cindy Silbert, Author & Transformational Guide.
Date: Saturday, November 21st
Time: 2:30 -4:30pm
Cost: $39 Sign up before November 16th
$49 After November 16th
Email us at Stacy@yoganamastacy.com or Cindy@BringUtoLife.com for more information.

5 thoughts on “Core Essentials in Yoga & Life

  1. Thanks for the Twitter follow. I think your blog is going to help me a great deal…I’ve been trying to relax myself, de-stress, find inner strength to do great career things…and I’m having a hard time getting to that place. But I will keep plugging.

    • Thanks Leigh. I think most of us are always working on how to find balance in our life. I try to keep things in perspective & realize that there are times when life is just busier than other times and I try to find the joy in those full times of my life knowing that the pace is not forever.

  2. Hi Stacy
    I missed your core workshop. Long live ADD anywho I know my core weakness is holding me back so the question is which of your DVDs adresses this issue more than another DVD. Also I really am so impressed and excited you have been put in my path. Your style of teaching resonates with me like no other. As I have said before you truly have been blessed with a gift.

    • Hi Tammy,
      I think most of us live in an ADD world these days. Since you already have a great deal of yoga experience & are going to be a teacher soon. I would suggest either my Yoga Body Power Yoga Live or Yoga Body Fat Burning. Power Yoga Live is filmed outside in a gorgeous setting with many students of different abilities, yet all flowing to the same rhythm of breath.
      Yoga Body Fat Burning flows from sun salutations to a flowing, connected sequence of standing postures before the seated & finishing poses.
      Either one of these DVD’s reminds us to keep the sound of your breath louder than your inner dialogue, which is the perfect antidote for ADD.

  3. Thank you Stacy. I have the one DVD with everyone outside which I really enjoy. I will look into the other DVD you suggested. Thank you again for all your contributions.

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