We Did It! Doga Yoga World Record

Doga Yoga World Record!

Doga Yoga World Record

Doga Yoga World Record








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When my friend Dawn Celapino of Leash Your Fitness invited me to co-teach the World’s, Largest Doga Yoga Class my answer was an immediate and emphatic, yes!

mic in hand - the real 3 Limb Down Dog

mic in hand – the real 3 Limb Down Dog


It was a picture perfect January day in San Diego, and we needed 250 “dogi’s” combined with a plethora of rules and regulations from the Guinness Book of World Records to pull off this feat. While Dawn was busy with logistics, my job was to keep all the dogis and their yogis calm until it was time for the official start. As with any big event, there’s bound to be a few snafus and I found myself having to lead the group in a forty-minute meditation. It was truly amazing to have 252 dogis and their matching yogis for a combined total of over 500 beings, just “BEING”, not doing, calm and still until we started the class.


Anyone who has spent time around a dog has probably noticed that they are natural Yogi’s or “Dogi’s”. Their natural commitment to living in the moment helps us to be more aware of the magic and mystery of life present in our everyday tasks. Just notice how excited and happy your dogi is when you take them on the exact same walk everyday. Nothing seems boring or mundane and every interaction with another being brings its own excitement.

Chopper and his yogi

Chopper and his yogi

Eckart Tolle says that animals are our guardian of “being”.  They respond to your energy. How you are being – with a capital “B” – not what you are doing, how you look, or your personality.

Meditating Dogi with twisting Yogi

Meditating Dogi with twisting Yogi


In fact, taking loving care of a Dogi is a spiritual practice in itself. New scientific research shows that dogs know how to read our emotions through our faces.  While training my dogs, I noticed the relationship of how moving my energy in yoga was similar to how my dogs responded to my energy. With yoga and dogs, it’s all about your energy and connecting to your natural instincts.


Acro Doga

Acro Doga

So, if your idea of bonding with your dog, getting in shape and finding some ZEN is Fido and you sitting on the sofa, surfing the channels and popping a Gatorade then it may be time for you to try Doga Yoga.


To learn how to teach Doga Yoga or find a class, check out the training course at Leash Your Fitness.


Yay! We did it!!

Yay! We did it!!


Doga Yoga World Record


Even though my dogs passed away last year, I’m not adopting 250 dogs, but trying to help break the Guinness Book of World Records for Doga Yoga. Along with Leash Your Fitness and the Humane Society, we are teaching a huge class for all Dogis and Yogis. Come help us set the world record for the LARGEST dog yoga class!  250 dogs are NEEDED to set the record!  No yoga experience is necessary, just a love of nature and an open mind.

We are so excited to break this record and we want to PROVE to the country that 250 dogs can be in one place, working out and it be a peaceful experience!  There is going to be a lot of video, photos and media there!!

A few things to make this class run smoothly.  There are a lot of rules that must be followed to “officially break” the record and one is that we have to have 250 dogs.  In order to have that many dogs in one place without any trouble


·         No dog treats or food (very distracting)
·         NO retractable leashes (very dangerous)
·         No aggressive dogs or puppies (for obvious reasons)
·         One dog per person (Guinness Rules)

Remember that this is a YOGA CLASS & we want to be CALM

·         Once on the field, NO TALKING (we want you to focus on your dog)
·         NO socializing the dogs. (it isn’t play time plus we don’t want any dog fights)
·         To help calm your dog, gentle massage behind the ears helps


COST: Suggested donation $10. 100% of donations go directly to the San Diego Humane Society.

Class location: Carmel Valley Rec Center,
3777 Townsgate Drive, San Diego CA 92130

Doga Yoga World Record

Doga Yoga World Record

Impermanence: In loving Remembrance of Buddha & Lily

My beloved big, beautiful Buddha Boy and his lovely, little sister Lily passed away within 10 days of each other just shy of their eighth birthday. Buddha and Lily were special “dogi’s” who raised thousands of dollars for No Kill Animal Shelters. I adopted both of them when they were four months old. I taught them a variety of yoga poses in Sanskrit and put their talent to good use teaching Doga Yoga at a variety of Charity Events.

Buddha passed away from a degenerative disc disease in his spine. When he was diagnosed, the vet gave him three months to live. He lived for another 16 moDoga Yoga Groupnths and I attribute it to his yoga practice, a great holistic team of acupuncturists, chiropractors and a raw food diet. Although his body deteriorated his love and spirit never declined.

Our lovely Lily girl died gently in our arms at home on the couch. Her lung cancer prevented her from eating much yet she detached from the experience of any discomfort in her body and just wanted to stay by my side comforting me.

When we buried Buddha and Lily, My “kids” who are 18 and 21 now, were having a difficult time, so I shared the Buddhist teaching about impermanence.
Don’t cling to things because everything is impermanent. Experience your emotions fully, let the emotions penetrate you – let it penetrate you all the way through you. If you don’t allow yourself to express fully the emotion – let it go all the way through you – then you can never get to the point of becoming detached from it.
You’re too busy being afraid of the emotion coming back. If you experience the pain, grief, love or whatever emotion fully, then you know what it is and can move on from it.
And only then can you say, okay I’ve experienced that emotion, I recognize that emotion, now I need to detach from that emotion.

As a family, we experienced the grief of Buddha and Lily’s passing. We cried and let the emotion penetrate us deeply. From that penetration of the emotion, we begin the practice of detaching from the experience.

“We have to nourish our insight into impermanence every day. If we do, we will live more deeply, suffer less, and enjoy life much more. Living deeply, we will touch the foundation of reality, nirvana, the world of no-birth and no-death. Touching impermanence deeply, we touch the world beyond permanence and impermanence. We touch the ground of being and see that which we have called being and non-bBu & Lil Beach Quoteeing are just notions. Nothing is ever lost. Nothing is ever gained.” [The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching (Parallax Press 1998), p. 124]
Thich Nhat Hanh