A Yogi’s Thoughts on the Upcoming Presidential Election

As a professor of yoga studies at a local college, my students have inquired about who I favor in the upcoming presidential election. This always puts me in an uneasy position. If you read the partisan bickering from both sides, you’ll hear polarizing opinions about both Clinton and Trump. The reality is that both candidates are real people, with a combination of strengths and also glaring flaws, just like the rest of us.  Should a yoga teacher be proselytizing their political opinions? I don’t think so. Many yoga teachers and students already have a strong bias of who they prefer the next president to be, but I believe when we are doing yoga, it is sacred time, above and beyond our political leanings.

I hope and pray that the person who wins is the one who can do the best to make our country and our planet a better place. That’s a tough task for anyone these days. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t discuss real world issues. Politics and elections are part of life and they have a major effect on our lives. There is a time and place for these conversations. I would just prefer it not interrupt your or my sacred time on the mat.