My New Tesla

My latest Zen experience comes from driving a car. This is not just any car, it’s the 100% electric, pull back the edges of your lips, sexy, sleek, high tech and hard core amazing Tesla Model S. I’ve had three different Hybrid Lexus over the years and loved them all, but I was ready to make the leap to a 100% electric vehicle. Not only do I never have to go to the gas station ever again, but also I’m no longer dependent on any fossil fuels to go to the Bbar to get my Beaming Zing. With its sleek lines, minimalist feel, and quiet interior, the Tesla turns driving into a Zen experience and what’s more yogic than that. Also when you step on the gas, you get what’s called the Tesla smile.

Energy Boosting Yoga Poses

Anytime, Any Place Energy Boosting Yoga Move

As busy moms, we don’t always have time for a full yoga class, but what about a simple move you can do to help pick up your energy at home? I shot a series of short Yoga videos with Lifetime Moms here’s one of my first with Zen Mom Angela Chee. Check out the Busy Mom Yoga DVD for a full yoga practice.