Sticky: What is Yoga?

To the beginning student of yoga in America it usually starts with getting out of pain in the body, creating strength where the body is weak & flexibility where the body is tight.
There is much more to yoga than twisting your body into a pretzel. Yoga also stretches your mind by asking you to challenge your beliefs about yourself, your body & your consciousness. In doing so yoga creates real and lasting change in the lives of its many practitioners. An added side effect the physical postures produce is shedding unwanted pounds, healing old injuries, detoxifying the body and creating muscular balance. But make no mistake yoga is not an exercise. It is a body awareness technique aimed at liberating your consciousness from old, habitual was of thinking, being and acting. The lean, strong, flexible yoga body is merely a seductive by-product of the work of awakening your consciousness.

Yogi’s have pursued their practice with commitment & devotion for centuries. It’s not a fad or the latest fitness craze. Those who commit themselves to this ancient technique purposefully, intentionally & with passionate devotion know that yoga’s secret & it’s real power doesn’t lie in the youthful vitality & a body free from fear, but in it’s ability to connect to the deepest part of ourselves and create lasting peace.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Yoga

Like many of you, I am a busy Mom & I’m 100% positive my yoga practice makes me better at the most important job in the world.

My family & friends often ask me why do I love yoga so much?

Below are my top 5 reasons Why I love Yoga, what are yours?

5. Yoga creates a lean, strong, flexible body.
4. Yoga cleanses the body & heals old injuries.
3. Yoga is liberating~Breaking the bonds that confine me physically, mentally & spiritually.
2. Yoga expands my consciousness.
1. Yoga creates lasting peace.

Why do you love yoga?