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Hi, I’m Stacy McCarthy, and I’m so excited to share these classes with you. Yoga and wellness is my passion. Throughout my career, I have created yoga and meditation practices that have inspired millions of women to move their bodies.

Most recently I was honored as the recipient of the 2021 IDEA World Health & Fitness Instructor of the Year. One thing that 30 years of experience gives you is perspective…and lots of feedback on programs that actually get results. I’m excited to share that with you! By the way, you can also join me on Instagram for cutting edge tools and practices to live your best life, no matter where you started.

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* At what is considered the Academy Awards of the Health & Fitness industry, Stacy was the recipient of the 2021 IDEA Health & Fitness Instructor of the Year. This prestigious award honors a certified group instructor who’s superior instructional and leadership skills are demonstrated through community and industry involvement as well as the ability to inspire and motivate others to commit to a healthy lifestyle.


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I’m really enjoying the zoom classes, it really does help being in community. Also, I so appreciate the opportunity to practice regularly with you again.
– Genell

I am so happy to have you and your classes in my life. I was telling my husband this morning that my yoga with you is the best stress release (body and mind.)
– Amy

I (and my body) have been loving your zoom classes since I joined last month. My body already feels stronger and my mind more clear and calm.
– Katie

Thank you Stacy!! I know I’m not on live with you, but I’m really enjoying doing your recorded classes! My body is getting stronger / leaner / flexible and I’m finding more depth to my yoga practice. I never would have thought online yoga, but I’m the biggest fan!
– Audra


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